Iowa Ambush 

 Youth Basketball Academy

Making a Difference!

Iowa Ambush was organized by Garrett Callahan & Ben Klapperich with the purpose of expanding the youth basketball opportunities in North Iowa and Southern Minnesota. 

Iowa Ambush is an elite AAU basketball program that gives young men and women of all economic backgrounds a chance to play against the highest level of competition.  Our goal is to help them experience different people and places, and hopefully get the opportunity to boost their chances to play in college. 

We are a youth basketball academy aimed at helping our youth develop basketball, people and life skills.

We are always looking for great coaches and volunteers to help make this a positive experience for our players and their families. If you are interested in helping please contact us using the information on our contact page.

10 Articles Of M.O.D/W.O.D

1. If it's to be it's up to me.
2. I will accept winning graciously and losing with dignity.
3. The power of fear is distraction. The power of faith is focus.
4. I will always think before I react.
5. I will positively affect my environment just because of my presence.
6. I believe in me. 
7. In me resides a nation.
8. My attitude will determine my altitude.
9. I know I belong.
10. I am a Man/Woman Of Destiny.